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Providing food to those in need is the fundamental purpose of The Wilton Food Pantry.

How It Works

Do I Qualify?

To receive services you must be a Town of Wilton, NY resident. We require two forms of proof that you reside in Wilton.  A Drivers License, Utility Bill, etc are accepted. 

Once residency has been proven services will be provided regardless of race, sex, color, creed, sexual preference or any other non-qualifying designation.

What Will I Get?

Our pantry is setup like a grocery store where you’re able to select the items that best suit your needs. We group items into categories (e.g. Meat, Dairy, Produce) and base the number of items you can select on your family size. You’ll be provided with enough food to feed you and your family for at least 3 days.

Thanks to generous donors such as Hannaford and Healthy Living our Pantry is generally stocked with a variety of high quality meats, vegetables, fruits, desserts and more.

How Many Times Can I Come?

Individuals and families are allowed a maximum of twenty (20) visits within a 12 month time frame. You determine when and how to use those visits. If needed, you can come to the Pantry 20 times in a row or you can space our your visits so that they stretch out for the entire year.

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