Our Services

Providing families in need with goods and services is the fundamental purpose of The Wilton Food Pantry.  Specifically, we supply qualifying individuals and families with a 3-day emergency supply of food (and toiletries when available.)

Hunger Relief Services

How Do I Qualify:

To recieve services you must provide two forms of proof (e.g. drivers license, utility bill) that you reside in the Township of Wilton, NY.  See Town Map

Once residency has been proven services will be provided regardless of race, sex, color, creed, sexual preference or any other non-qualifying designation.

Number of Visits:

Individuals and families are limited to twelve (12) visits within a 12 month time frame.

Food Distribution:

Families select their own food at The Wilton Food Pantry. Quantities are limited within categories depending upon availability. For instance, a family may select up to 4 cans of vegetables one visit, but another month vegetables may be limited to 3 choices. Periodically frozen meat, fresh vegetables, dairy products and bread may be available. In general the amount of food would feed a family of four for 3 days.