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Standing behind the motto “food is not an option, it’s a necessity” a group of individuals came together aimed at filling the Town’s void.

The WFP Story

The Wilton Food Pantry was established in October of 2010 when a group of Town residents came together to address a problem.

For 13 years Wilton residents in need of food found help from one woman, Doris Wilder.  But in late 2009 Doris’s relief operations ceased and Wilton residents were left with a void. Despite being the fastest growing community in Saratoga County over the last decade, Wilton was without a dedicated food pantry.

Fulfilling an Obligation

A group of individuals, who met through various civic activities, came together aimed at filling the Town’s void.

The goal was to create a sustainable organization capable of assisting those in need by working in conjunction with individuals and community leaders, local organizations and businesses.  Standing behind the motto “food is not an option, it’s a necessity” the group set out to formally establish The Wilton Food Pantry.

Getting Started

During the fall of 2010 the founding members conducted a Needs Assessment to fully understand the issue of hunger in Wilton.  Interviews with local food pantries were conducted, data was gathered and analyzed from the Town, social service organizations, local utilities, and the census bureau. Local schools were also polled on enrollments in subsidized meal programs.

At the conclusion of the study the group voted to incorporate The Wilton Food Pantry.  It was clear, there is an issue of hunger in Wilton.

Starting a Food Pantry

In December 2010 the Wilton Food Pantry was incorporated by it’s founding Board of Directors.  A process was then started to create an efficient and enduring organization that would honor the efforts which Doris Wilder so selflessly initiated.  The Board established a start-up plan that included:

  • Finding and equipping a facility for the pantry
  • Establishing record keeping and accounting practices
  • Organizing and training volunteers
  • Developing plans for food drives and fundraisers
  • Establishing partnerships with local businesses and organizations
  • Obtaining status as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 with the IRS (in order to accept tax deductible donations)

Filling the Void

Almost immediately word began to spread and in within a few months The Wilton Food Pantry was offered a home in the annex of the Trinity Methodist Church. Board members received offers from the community to assist with training, food procurement & distribution, and even fundraising.

The Wilton Food Pantry is a 501(c)3 Public Charity. Your donations are tax deductable

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Board of Directors

Roger Flynn (President)
Ben Niese (Vice President)
Eric Rosenberg (Treasurer)
Matt Cohen
Karen Hoffman
Kirstin Drabek
Paula Schmid

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WFP Director of Operations

Peter Maynard
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